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Does being social sell products?

Obaid Rahimi, shoemates

By Sichtbarmacher

Does being social sell products?

“Does being social sell products? My answer to that question goes something like: ‘No it doesn’t. And then again, it does.’

The fact that we support a social cause surely makes us stand out among others. But we have to be realistic enough to admit that being social alone won’t sell a single pair of our shoes. And I think that is true for any social business. To put it bluntly, the vast majority of people doesn’t buy any product just because of the social cause it comes with. It is the product itself that has to be appealing. Our shoes have to meet the customers taste, be of high quality and be presented in a tempting way.

The same goes for the shopping experience. Our customers are used to high-end retailers, such as Zalando or Deichmann, with a professional appearance and a very convenient shopping experience. They wouldn’t buy at our store if they didn’t get the same convenience.

That’s why at shoemates, we are downright pedantic with conveying a professional impression to our customers. Our homepage is up to the latest standards of retailer web technology. In our parcels, customers will find a very easy to use instruction to return their goods. The shoes are packed in a lovely small bag rather than in a standard cardboard box. Small details that add up to a pleasant shopping experience

And then, if product and shopping experience meet highest standards, the social purpose comes into play. Because then, on top of a good product, we sell a story to tell. And then, that story makes all the difference and does, in fact, sell products.”

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